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Our Current Sponsored Projects include,

  • Collaboration with the Ghana Medical Relief organization to provide free healthcare in underserved Ghanaian communities
  • Highlighting the history/Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania, USA, and across the ocean through virtual and self-guided tours.
    Visit https://tapintohistory.net
  • WeavingWisdom – Let's talk about it!
    A project intended to improve intergenerational, intercultural, and interfaith communication to encourage unity. https://www.weavingwisdom.org
  • Clean Water Project
    Providing clean well water in underserved communities.
  • Exposing young individuals to opportunities in realising their dreams.
  • Providing underserved students' scholarships.
  • Consultation and workshops on starting a new business.
  • Providing computers to underserved students.
  • Providing computer laps in underserved schools.



Previous Programs


iPHET: Improving Women's Economic Conditions


Program overview and goals

To improve the economic conditions of young women in Ghana, West Africa, the Institute for Promoting Health, Education, and Technology (iPHET) collaborates with Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDS), and SCORE, the local association of Business Educators of central Pennsylvania planned a pilot program, which will include:

-       an intensive workshop on "Starting a Business and Building a Comprehensive Business." Conducted by SBDC.


For the 2015 inaugural program for improving women's economic condition, a group of participants from Ghana, a West African country, Egypt, and State College PA. are selected to begin with the intensive workshop on July 7, followed by a day-long personal enhancement session.


Workshop title

Starting a Business and Building a Comprehensive Business Plan



July 7,  2015 – @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon




Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDS) 

200 Innovation Blvd, University Park, PA


Program Overview, Goals, and Objectives Provided by SBDS

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business but didn't know where to start?  
This workshop will help aspiring entrepreneurs begin the process of successful business ownership, 
including evaluating business ideas, developing a business plan, and exploring financing options.


 Learn from a business consultant about:

  • lifestyle requirements of business owners

  • how to assess the feasibility of your business idea

  • the legal and tax implications of owning a business

  • how to develop a business plan

  • how to compile a bank-ready financial package

  • how to market your product or service

  • the health and safety regulations that may apply to your business

  • why both a marketing and financial plan are needed

  • where to find other resources that may help you succeed


Personal skills workshop

  • improve the communication skills of the participants
  • acquire strategies for dealing with diverse cultures
  • learn how to dress for success and personal beauty tips.

Selected Penn State Women faculty members will conduct these sessions, and Dr. Grace Hampton will lead the local businesswomen.



Main Goals

  • Participants will learn the basics of starting a business

  • Complete a comprehensive business plan


Program Requirements for Ghanaian Participants 

  • Participants must be passionate about being independent and ready to improve their economic condition.

  • They must have an interest in starting their own business in the future

  • Must be currently employed and/or must be enrolled in school

  • Should be ready to sponsor their trip or should have a sponsor with a supporting letter of sponsorship

  • Participants will be assigned a mentor; therefore, they should be prepared to stay in touch as their mentors will continue to guide them over the Internet 

  • Must be prepared to return to Ghana after the program


 The application Form must be completed and emailed to theiphet@gmail.com



Workshop Location at 200 Innovatioin Blvd - Penn State Innovation Park - University Park Pennsylvania
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